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Shop wellness tinctures made from lab-grown functional mushrooms and ethically sourced minerals.

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Vital Labs Extracts

The Vital Labs is located in Southern California, where we grow our functional mushrooms, medicinal herbs, and process our extractions. We never compromise on quality and are committed to delivering the most potent and sustainably sourced products.

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  • 100% Plant-Based Medicine

    All extracts are made from functional mushrooms organically grown in a controlled environment, and plants & minerals sustainably sourced from reputable growers and harvesters. 

  • Satisfy Daily Micronutrients

    We've included Shilajit in the Essentials, a rich-source of vitamins, minerals, and micronutrients that can contribute to overall vitality and slower the aging process.

  • Over 80+ Health Benefits

    Feel the effects of the Essentials tincture right away, with most of our customers experiencing instant boosts in clean energy, clear thoughts, and a balanced mood. 

  • Potent Dual-Extract

    We run each formula through multiple extractions with the same solvent to pack as many compounds into each drop... expect us to continue raising the bar for quality and potency.